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I am a geospatial professional with an interest in conservation, sustainability, climate change, food security and data analytics and visualization. Over the last 14 years, I have utilized both commercial and open source geospatial technologies to support a wide range of transport, water, environmental, planning, sustainability and climate change related projects and programmes for consultancies and NGO's.

I grew up in Ipoh, a former tin mining town in northern Peninsular Malaysia. Constantly enchanted with majestic abrupt limestone hills clad with sparse vegetation, honeycombed with caves rising out of plains with patches of calm but deep waterbodies, I grew to love nature and the outdoors.

I am particularly keen on using geospatial technologies and data science to better understand the complex environmental and social issues that exist the world today.

Most recently, I have moved into the space of data analytics and visualization to couple with my proficiency in cartography and mapping with the aim of developing more effective visualizations like dashboards and data infographics.

My hope is that this can provide data guided intelligence and actionable insights to help communities, the environment and businesses co-exist and thrive in a more sustainable world.




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